Friday, 12 July 2019

Mangatainoka Ride - 30 June 2019

Sunday morning ride to the Tui Brewery.
Pieman, Princess, Poppa Smurf, Mung Bean, Nobby, Andy, Karen, Wally, Audrey, Nik, Mike, and Keith, with Al joining us along the way.
7 bikes and Andy's ute loaded to the gunnels with bodies. Weather was nice to us, albeit a bit chilly. Pieman led the charge up SH2, with Nobby tail-end Charlie. Rode straight up the main drag with the plan to come through the backcountry on the way home, once the ice had a chance to melt.
The brewery was hosting a Japanese car meetup, so those interested could have a look around. Heaps of people in attendance for that.
After coffee and a snack, the ute, Keith, and Al departed for home. Nik led the remainder back to Masterton via Pongaroa and Alfredton. A fair amount of road works underway between Pongaroa and Alfredton. A great day for a ride on some of our great back-country roads.

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