Monday, 29 July 2019

Woodville Ride - 28 July 2019

Sunday morning ride to Woodville


Pieman, Bill & Liz, Rexy, Nobby, Zimmerman, Keith, Little Dave, Gary Thomson

Rex organised our first ride with a road and gravel route. Pieman, Nobby, and Zimmerman all took up the gravel route option (Although we were left with no choice. Rex made it very clear that he had spent a lot of time and effort planning out the routes and we were bloody well going to do it 😂)

Bill and Liz met up with us at Farriers, having journeyed across the hill. Gary met up with us along the way.

The route had the road riders heading up the back routes to Woodville with the gravel riders breaking away at various points to take a detour before meeting back up along the main route. 

We all started off out towards Mauriceville with the gravel riders breaking away and heading through the Mauriceville West route. We came off the gravel near Hastwell just as the road riders went through so tagged on the back of the group. Over SH2 through Kaiparoro and a loop round to Newman. 

The gravel riders peeled off again at Nireaha to hug the gravel route along the hills to come out at the bridges through Mangamaire. The road riders took the western back roads through to the Bridge Cafe road and onto Woodville. There were another couple of back roads and gravel roads for the adventurers, coming out on the Bridge Cafe road and onto Woodville to meet up with the others for lunch at the Long Black Cafe.

After lunch, it was a loop out through Hopelands, north of Woodville and back to Paihiatua for the smaller bikes to gas up. There was a short ride of a few Kms on gravel for the whole group. Nice hardpack, so no dramas for the road bikes.

The home run was back through Kaitawa to Alfredton and home. One more gravel road for us to navigate through Rongomai, Flat Hill to Ihuraua. Nobby must have had a sniff of home, as he put on some pace on this route.

Only one incident of note on the trip when Pieman decided there was no point trying to avoid a chicken that had already tempted fate a number of times between the riders and went over the top of it in a cloud of feathers. The damn chook didn't even have the decency to climb up on the exhaust once plucked and provide a cooked meal for dinner.

On the home leg, there was only around 5 minutes difference between the groups arriving back at Farriers, so pretty good really. 

Thanks, Rexy for organising an interesting little trip. It was good to have a mix of road and gravel for those so inclined and we got to see a bit of the backcountry not often seen.
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Monday, 15 July 2019

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Driver skills and knowledge

As mentioned by Bruce and Dave at the meeting tonight, if you want to brush up on your driving knowledge and skills, or you have family members getting ready for their license, head to the Driver site.

Friday, 12 July 2019

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Glove care:

With the wet weather upon us, checkout the How to guide from Held which has a few pointers for cleaning and drying our gloves.

Mangatainoka Ride - 30 June 2019

Sunday morning ride to the Tui Brewery.
Pieman, Princess, Poppa Smurf, Mung Bean, Nobby, Andy, Karen, Wally, Audrey, Nik, Mike, and Keith, with Al joining us along the way.
7 bikes and Andy's ute loaded to the gunnels with bodies. Weather was nice to us, albeit a bit chilly. Pieman led the charge up SH2, with Nobby tail-end Charlie. Rode straight up the main drag with the plan to come through the backcountry on the way home, once the ice had a chance to melt.
The brewery was hosting a Japanese car meetup, so those interested could have a look around. Heaps of people in attendance for that.
After coffee and a snack, the ute, Keith, and Al departed for home. Nik led the remainder back to Masterton via Pongaroa and Alfredton. A fair amount of road works underway between Pongaroa and Alfredton. A great day for a ride on some of our great back-country roads.