Saturday, 1 July 2017

New Plymouth Trip: Through the eyes of a 'Tin Top' traveller

Photo courtesy of Nik Player

Geoff and I were invited by Andy & Karen Wilson to go away with Ulysses on a roadie to see Festival of Lights in New Plymouth over Waitangi weekend. We traveled up on our own on Friday [some of us have to work haha], then meet up with some of the group for drinks and pizza.

The rest traveled up on Saturday [had to work longer] and we all gathered out the back of Karen and Andy’s unit for a chitchat and a beautifully cooked yummy barbeque.

Festival of Lights was stunning and I think everyone who went enjoyed it. I assume there was a head count on our return to the motel as it was easy to lose your bearings in the park in the dark. I reckon it was anyway hehe.

Sunday was a trip north for whitebait fritters at Mokau Whitebait Cafe [very yum], look through a local museum [interesting in small doses], stop for a regroup at a Lookout [beautiful view of river meeting the sea] which allowed us to catch up with the bikers, on through The Tunnel and lots of winding roads [good for bikes I’m told], then onto Awakino.

On the return trip everyone traveled back in their own time [and speed]. We and a few others found ourselves drawn to a Beer tasting /cafĂ© place. Darn such an inconvenience. We had to spend a few hours there to allow our bikes /car to cool down. Yeah well ........ 

Scenery was beautiful on this trip; we traveled lots of these roads alone, as you bikers seem to find it easier to pass cars.

We had a great weekend, we were made to feel welcome and part of this group for the whole weekend. We thought the organisation and communication within the group [briefings] before the roadie etc, and the caring way you keep an eye out for each other are great.

Thank you for allowing these two people ‘who drive a 4 wheeled Tin Top’ be part of this week- end, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

PS We did manage to squeeze a bit of shopping into this busy weekend ! 

Carol and Geoff Hinton  

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