Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lake Ferry Ride: 18 June 2017

We had 5x bikes and one Golden Nugget trike venture out to Lake Ferry.

Weather started off foggy early morning but by the time 10am came around, the skies had cleared.

It was out past the dump to Millers Road then over to Ponatahi Road through to Martinborough. Turned right at the church and head down towards Featherston. At the end of Ponatahi Road and into Marty-bro we had fog. Lost it (the fog) at the top of the cutting and aimed for Te Mairie Road and onwards via Kahutara to Lake Ferry. As we got closer to Lake Ferry, we saw that the fog hadn't lifted there yet.

By this stage, all of us were a little bit cold and were lucky that the hotel people had lit the fire. Only just though. All except one ordered a hot drink instead of the usual cold ones.

We all had a feed and watched the mist lifting and we could see the other side of the lake ... yay.

Even though it was a bit cool, it was fine above the mist. It never ceases to amaze me that people, in conditions like that, do not put their head-lights on. Old adage ... be safe, be seen!

Some headed off earlier than the rest. Good trip back home. A lot warmer than going down.


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