Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lake Ferry Ride: 18 June 2017

We had 5x bikes and one Golden Nugget trike venture out to Lake Ferry.

Weather started off foggy early morning but by the time 10am came around, the skies had cleared.

It was out past the dump to Millers Road then over to Ponatahi Road through to Martinborough. Turned right at the church and head down towards Featherston. At the end of Ponatahi Road and into Marty-bro we had fog. Lost it (the fog) at the top of the cutting and aimed for Te Mairie Road and onwards via Kahutara to Lake Ferry. As we got closer to Lake Ferry, we saw that the fog hadn't lifted there yet.

By this stage, all of us were a little bit cold and were lucky that the hotel people had lit the fire. Only just though. All except one ordered a hot drink instead of the usual cold ones.

We all had a feed and watched the mist lifting and we could see the other side of the lake ... yay.

Even though it was a bit cool, it was fine above the mist. It never ceases to amaze me that people, in conditions like that, do not put their head-lights on. Old adage ... be safe, be seen!

Some headed off earlier than the rest. Good trip back home. A lot warmer than going down.


New Plymouth Trip: Through the eyes of a 'Tin Top' traveller

Photo courtesy of Nik Player

Geoff and I were invited by Andy & Karen Wilson to go away with Ulysses on a roadie to see Festival of Lights in New Plymouth over Waitangi weekend. We traveled up on our own on Friday [some of us have to work haha], then meet up with some of the group for drinks and pizza.

The rest traveled up on Saturday [had to work longer] and we all gathered out the back of Karen and Andy’s unit for a chitchat and a beautifully cooked yummy barbeque.

Festival of Lights was stunning and I think everyone who went enjoyed it. I assume there was a head count on our return to the motel as it was easy to lose your bearings in the park in the dark. I reckon it was anyway hehe.

Sunday was a trip north for whitebait fritters at Mokau Whitebait Cafe [very yum], look through a local museum [interesting in small doses], stop for a regroup at a Lookout [beautiful view of river meeting the sea] which allowed us to catch up with the bikers, on through The Tunnel and lots of winding roads [good for bikes I’m told], then onto Awakino.

On the return trip everyone traveled back in their own time [and speed]. We and a few others found ourselves drawn to a Beer tasting /cafĂ© place. Darn such an inconvenience. We had to spend a few hours there to allow our bikes /car to cool down. Yeah well ........ 

Scenery was beautiful on this trip; we traveled lots of these roads alone, as you bikers seem to find it easier to pass cars.

We had a great weekend, we were made to feel welcome and part of this group for the whole weekend. We thought the organisation and communication within the group [briefings] before the roadie etc, and the caring way you keep an eye out for each other are great.

Thank you for allowing these two people ‘who drive a 4 wheeled Tin Top’ be part of this week- end, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

PS We did manage to squeeze a bit of shopping into this busy weekend ! 

Carol and Geoff Hinton  

Waitangi weekend: New Plymouth - Festival of lights

Some members decided to go up on Friday where as the rest of us working folk had to contend with going up on Saturday. It was an early start by usual means.
Ride up was good as was the weather. Bit cool to start but as time went on and through the gorge it got better. Stopped for a pee break at Feilding then on to Wanganui for morning smoko and rest. On to Stratford for a lateish lunch before the last leg.

After we got to motel, sorted out rooms etc, we all caught up and decided that we would have a bbq tea at motel complex. This is always a great wind down after days ride. Catch up with people that we haven’t seen in awhile. Bit of an exodus for people getting food for it later in arvo. It was a bit quieter than usual as we were all going out later to Festival of Lights in Pukekura Park later.

At about 8 o’clock we headed down to park as it was only about a ten minute walk from motel. It was still a bit light but that didn’t matter as it let you look around before it got dark. Very easy to get lost or loose the group. The crowd wasn’t as large as was expecting as it was the second to last night of it. I would not have liked being the person or persons responsible for designing or putting it up. There were areas of wow and other areas of yeah ok. 

I was personally peeved off that I couldn’t take my tripod on bike as it was too large. So I didn’t get many good photo’s that were sharp and in focus. But I did get some good shots. 

After a couple of hours there we found each other and headed back to motel. It was a great warm night out.

Sunday, some headed off up the coast the Mokau to try the whitebait fritters there and have a look at the Museum as well. From there they headed on up to the tunnel in the Awakino gorge as some people haven’t been through a tunnel before, I think. 

Annette and I headed south to Okato as my daughter was over from Melbourne and she and her partner were going to a wedding there. We met up in a cafe there which, in a small town like that, was great. Was a bit hard to find though. Signage wasn’t good. After lunch, we headed back to motel and they headed home to Masterton. 

The group was looking at heading out of town to go to Transport and Aviation Museum but it was closing at 4pm and by the time most of the other group got back it was too late to go there. So instead, some of us headed back to the light show to see what we had missed out on and also see what park was like in day time.

Some of us headed into town for tea while others had another bbq with leftovers. Then again we headed back to the show to have a look at the parts we missed the night before. Bugger having no map to guide you. The mild nights made it so great to look at without the thought of rain spoiling it. Well worth the trip up there.

Monday. Home day. Bugger. We headed off at usual time and off down the surf highway to Hawera for morning tea. Refuel then enjoy the ride to Feilding for lunch. Going through Patea, there was a fair going on by the canoe. It made me think of the film Poi E which was centered there. 

All in all, a great weekend away with great company. Thank you.

Cheers, Kevin.