Monday, 16 May 2016

Ride Report

POT LUCK – 1 MAY 2016

With the Indian summer weather still evident, 12 two wheelers and the three wheeled Orange Roughy turned up for a Pot luck ride.

After minimal debate it was decided that the ride would be to Pongaroa. Castlepoint was ruled out because of the expectation that it would be inundated with people, being the last weekend of the school holidays.

Rolly had turned up on his bike but decided a ride to Pongaroa was a bit too far for him in his current condition.

Riders were briefed on the route to Ponagaroa: SH2 to Pahiatua then a right turn into Pahiatua – Pongaroa Road. After which the team departed Masterton via SH2 just after 10.05 (it was nice to get on the road early instead of talking about it) with Greg in the lead on his yet another new bike.

Greg set a relaxed pace as we headed north. Riding at the back it was easy to see all the riders holding a staggered formation until we turned off SH2 after which the group got strung out a bit. At this time the wind came up a bit and it was hard not to make the odd excursion onto the other side of the road in the odd place.  None the less we all made it to the Pub ok.

As usual the bar lunches were well worth the trip and the group socialized for an hour before it was back on the bikes for the trip home via Route 52.

At this stage the Orange Roughy left the group and headed back the way we had come. One of the limitations of the Can-Am is that it doesn’t like rough roads due to its low ground clearance.

The 12 bikes then headed home down Route 52. We regrouped at Alfreton where it was decided a trip into Eketahuna was in order, as Guys cruiser was unlikely to make it to Masterton without a top up.

At Eketahuna the group split up because some of the riders had other things to do. (I ask you what could possibly take priority over a ride on Sunday afternoon.)

And then there were five. Rex suggested a ride to Mauriceville via Mangoarunga road but wasn’t sure if it had any gravel on it.

About 400 meters down the road there was the dreaded yellow and black sign “Gravel”. Everyone except our 82 year old veteran (Laurie) hesitated. He was off into the dust. With my butt cheeks clenched I followed suit. They got even tighter when I hit a section of the road that had been recently graded.  
I could see another rider following in my rear mirrors but it wasn’t until I got back on the tarmac I discovered it was Greg. He and I stopped at Mauriceville for a quick chat and along came Rex who had also taken to the gravel road. Karen and Andy had taken the sensible option of turning around and going home via SH2.

From Mauriceville it was a straight run home. On the way we found Laurie waiting on the side of the road for us.

All in all I enjoyed the ride, but must admit riding the gravel road on a road bike isn’t the most relaxing experience for a leisurely Sunday ride.

Roll on next Sunday when we hit the road again.


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