Monday, 11 January 2016

Journey to Jerusalem

Ten hearty souls assembled on time at Farriers; pleasantries exchanged and Greg then explained that it was not his way to detail such a trip and then reached into his jacket pocket and produced three sheets of paper with maps and details of the roads to be traversed on the first day.
Off we went on the least direct route to Napier on a bunch of windy roads that saw us around the back of Waipukurau and somehow through Clive then Napier.
The only interruption to progress was Yvonnes’ Guzzi which in true Italian style would not start without a push, something about a “bodge job” on the heated grips electrics’ blowing the starter fuse.
Laurie got the nod for directing us over the road from our camp-ground (yeah, right it was a waterfront motel-“roughin’ it”) to the R.S.A. for tea.
Day two began in a leisurely fashion and another perfect riding day across the Gentle Annie to Taihape where Glen met up with us.
Greg and Nik lead the way through the windies whilst I provided entertainment with “Black Betty”(Indian Chief) grinding her way around the tight bits complete with showers of sparks from the muffers as they touched down, much more “communicative” than foot peg feelers on those diminutive perambulators the less manly choose to be conveyed upon..... ??!!
The scenery on this road rivals any in our country with majestic panoramas and many places to pull-over to take it all in.
Final stop was Ohakune with a great view of Ruapehu, and with plenty of daylight we rode up to the ski lifts to take in the panorama. Thence dinner and bed.
Raetihi to Pipiriki and down the tortuous but divinely scenic road to Jerusalem (‘scuse the pun) on our third perfect riding day.
We ended up at Whanganui for a late lunch and began the chase home.
The perfect way to round-out the “festive season” and get ready for our various years’ beginnings, If you haven’t ridden these roads then put them high on your “must do” list .
Happy trails, Doc.

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