Monday, 21 December 2015

A quick trip to Ngawi

It was lovely hot, sunny Sunday and we had a good turn out for a quick trip down to Ngawi. The two mobile food vans servered great fish and chips and ice creams. On the way back we looped around lake Wairarapa to extend our time in the beautiful sun.

Monday, 30 November 2015

One of the best has ridden on!

Richard joined the Ulysses club in Febuary 1991 and was originally associated with
the Wellington Branch until the formation of the Wairarapa branch 16th August 1999.
In August 2000 Richard was appointed Coordinator of the Wairarapa Branch after the resignation of Ron Graham and in the General Elections held in May 2001 he was duly elected to that position. He was the Branch Coordinator for a further four years.
Richard, together with wife Jill formed the very foundation of the camaraderie and friendship that lives on in our branch today.
Richard and Jill liked people and people liked them! I can't remember ever being at their home without finding someone else there. Either a family member, friends or other Ulyssians staying over during a trip. Their home truly had a revolving front door and everyone was made to feel welcome.
Richard loved to entertain people at the theatre. He loved to socialise with people in the Ulysses Club. He loved to build homes for people and he loved to ride his motorbikes.
Richard was also a great advocate for supporting the Ulysses Club Annual General Meetings and he and Jill attended every one. Each year he would try to encourage our members to attend ­ with varying results, but in 2014 a large contingent of members from the Wairarapa Ulysses including Richard and Jill were heading for the AGM in Invercargil.
After having more surgery on his face Richard was unable to wear a helmet and so he and Jill, determined not to miss the occasion decided to take Milly, Jills little Mazda sports car.
We all attended the Nelson Guss Rally on the way down and had a great time, but later during that night Richard became unwell, an ominous sign of things to come.
Richard and Jill never made it to the AGM. Richard took a turn for the worst and was rushed to Nelson hospital.
The next 18 months would see both Richard and Jill riding a rollercoaster of highs and lows struggling with Richards health. Fighting the disease with all they could right to the end.
Greg Evans
Richard Jenkins was a great friend to many. He was a great ambassador for the Ulysses club.

Richard Jenkins #1354
21st October 1947 – 27th October 2015

Richard Jenkins was a great bloke!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Pilgrims Rest - Not!

There were 11 of us heading to the Pilgrims Rest on Sunday. Nine bikes and Yvonne and me in the car.
I got the phone # for the restaurant from their website and tried to ring before we went but no answer. We got a call back on the way and they said they hadn't been open for quite some time now. Makes you wonder why the web site is still up though.
We regrouped in Ashurst and decided on the Waterford Pub instead which turned out to be real good as we arrived about 20 to 12 so beat the lunch time rush.
After a nice meal and some yacking we headed home again.
Nice to catch up with everyone including some who we haven't seen for a while.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ride around the Block


Sunday Morning it's not looking too bad for a ride around the block, as usual we meet at the Farriers car park for a 10.00 start. Eleven bikes turn up for the ride. 

We left Farriers a bit after 10.00 heading north for the Pahiatua Track. A little windy going across the track with rain threatening on the other side, the gods must have been riding with us, we seem to have dodged the rain, once across the track we head south for Otaki, our first stop for petrol for the ones that need it, then onto Riverstone Cafe in Otaki for coffee and food. 

Weather still looks though we could get some rain so we turn off at Paekakariki and head up over the Paekakariki hill road with a stop at the top to take in the view. 

Then down to Pauatahanui, Haywards Hill road onto the motorway north to the Rimutaka's, and home about 3.15, a great ride for all of us, and no rain.


Midweek Meal

Midweek Meal

29th July, and it was decided that Masterton Lone Star would be a good place to meet up for a club meal out, 17 members came to the Masterton Lone Star at 6.30, we had a great meal (rather big meal), with complimentary Garlic Bread for the table.

We drank, we ate, we laughed.

A good night was had by all, Thanks Masterton Lone Star.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Beachhaven Inn

Great ride out to Herbertsville today, weather was cool but dry. We had 15 bikes in total which is pretty good for this time of the year. Great little pub and good food so we will be back there again at some point in the future.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wellington Ambulance Run

We had a good turn out from our branch for the run this year. The event started from Maidstone Park in Upper Hutt and proceeded south on SH2, then over Haywards and down SH1 into Wellington. The Wellington Ulysses Branch donate $2000 to the Wellington Free ambulance so its a very worthy cause. The weather was kind and there plenty of sausages on the BBQ when we arrived.

2 Minute Video

Wairarapa Branch re-group after the Rimutaka's

Sausage Sizzle

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Jerusalem Trip

Fr Lampila, a priest of the Society of Mary, first established the Catholic Māori Mission in Jerusalem or Hiruharama in 1854 but this went into decline after the 1864 battle of Motua. Suzanne Aubert visited Jerusalem with two Sisters of St Joseph of Nazareth at the invitation of the Māori people in 1883 hoping to rejuvenate the mission.
The land on which St Joseph’s Church and the old convent sit belongs to Māori families, the original church having been destroyed by fire in 1888. Suzanne Aubert travelled around New Zealand with another Sister collecting money to rebuild it. It was in this small settlement of houses, clustered around the Patiarero Marae, that the Sisters of Compassion came into being, formerly recognised by the Catholic Church in 1892. The church was dedicated a year later. The Sisters have been part of the local community ever since.

We traveled up from Masterton to Whanganui by bike on Sunday 22 March 2015 and met with some of the Manawatu Branch. We then road on to Jerusalem and had lunch in Ohakune where I was stung by a wasp.

Cheers Nik

Trip Video (6mins)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Picton To Bluff

Last year a small group of us completed a long distance ride from Lake Ferry to Cape Reinga in a day. This year three of us (Nik, Tony and Michelle as pillion) set out to cover Picton to Bluff on the South Island.
Friday night we caught the ferry in Wellington and then stayed over just outside Picton. Saturday morning we hit the road at 6am and finally made it to Invercargill at 5:50pm. We checked into the motel and the headed off for the final leg down to Bluff. Then we took two days to ride back home via Queenstown and the West coast.It was a fantastic ride and the weather was very kind, we only had one downpour and that didn't last long.

I managed to get some video too.

Picton to Bluff
The Trip Back
Crown Range

Cheers Nik
#8778 Coordinator

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Castle Point Sunrise Ride

There we were, 5 am in the Harrier's car park, wondering who's idea this was again?  Well off we go to Castle Point to view the sunrise...

Why you may ask? Because we can.  After a good ride with only a little drizzle we arrived.  As you rode over the rise into Castle Point the dawn was just breaking. A brilliant site.

Nigel and Michelle stoked up the BBQ and a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs (Black pudding too for those who wanted it) was prepared.

The turn out for such an early start was great to see.  Thirteen bikes in all.

And finally the view which was well worth the early start.   Thanks to Nik for his great photography.


Rotorua for the weekend

Wellington Anniversary was an ideal time to escape the Wairarapa for other parts of our wonderful country.  A ride to Rotorua with a variety of local treats were the order of the day!

For a complete guide, click on the following:
The riding
Around Rotorua
The Skywalk

A GoPro was also present on this trip.  See what was captured... [Click].  Note: This may take a little to load.