Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pongaroa For Lunch

Sunday morning, looking a bit grey and damp outside but I wanted to get some KM's on the new bike to see just how comfortable it will be so decided to join the Sunday trip to Porangahau. Four people turned up at the Horseshoe, Andy, Glenn, Tony and myself. The vintage bike club were also there and little Dave was there with his BSA.

The weather was getting worse but we decided to go for it anyway and took the back road Route 52 North West of Masterton. At Alfreton school Andy and Glenn decided to head back to Eketahuna for a coffee while Tony and I soldiered on. The roads were pretty mucky and wet so we stopped at Pongaroa for an early lunch. After lunch we headed back to Masterton the same route we came and then took the back roads through Gladstone to Greytown. My new bike was fine but my new trousers leaked, unless it was just me pissing myself when the back end stepped out on a couple of those slippery corners ;-)

Cheers Nik

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