Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wet Sunday

We had a howling gale and torrential rain Saturday night but by morning it had settled into a fairly quiet and overcast Sunday morning. Six brave souls turned up at the car park for our planned ride to the Flat Hills Cafe. The sky was getting darker so we decided to go to Castle Point instead. Jean and Mick headed off to Martinborough while Greg headed home to finish work on his new wood burner. That left Nobby, Glenn and myself to battle the weather for a coffee and pie at Castle Point.

The trip over there was fine and a lot of the roads were dry though covered in crap from the logging trucks and the roadworks. While there enjoying our hard earned coffee it started raining really heavily and we had a pretty wet return journey. It was great to get out though as we had all been missing the open road.

Looking forward to the ride up to Taupo next weekend !

Cheers Nik

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