Sunday, 24 August 2014

Remembrance Run.    

(Short Version - Long version in the next newsletter)

Rex and I shot the gap at 8am on the Friday morning – just the two of us leaving on bikes today, so no point in shagging around Masterton we thought. May as well go and shag around Taupo instead. Twas a little chilly, but otherwise not too bad - a few layers of thermals saw to that. Got to Mt. Bruce where the rain started – good ol’ Mt Bruce. And did I mention wind? Yep that too – uncomfortably blustery. Couldn’t pass the many trucks on the road due to spray blowing everywhere, reducing forward visibility to near zero.  A quick stop in Vegas to rearrange some clothing, then onto Norsewood where the rain stopped, and we headed East to try and get away from the eternal wind on the Takapau Plains, rejoining the main road just South of Waipuk. Onwards to Bayview BP to fill the bikes and empty ourselves, then up and over the Napier/ Taupo. Did I mention wind? Yep, at one stage we had the bikes on full lean with a B-Train coming towards us, and we were slowly edging into his path unable to do SFA except keep the throttle open – Scaaaaaaaary! 

Checked into Flash Packers at 12-20pm, and wandered into town for lunch, coming across Greg and Andy in one of those automobile thingys along the way. Whilst we were chilling out in town Sudsy arrived also on four wheels – and then there were five. Saturday was pretty cruisy. Into town to Glyn’s café (where we had  lunch yesterday) for a yummy cooked brekky. Back to Flashpackers to rendezvous with the others, then off to the AC Baths ready for the parade. Hello, hello, hello – no it’s not a cop, it’s Glen, John, Barry, Gary, Dave, Ken, Donna, Nik, and Dave (think I got them all!). 

The parade and service went without a hitch, but as usual it makes one think how lucky we are not to hear our names read out! Back to Flashpackers for bevvys and silly banter as usual, then down to Lone Star for a Posh Nosh (albeit slightly pricey). Sunday morning was a 9am meeting at the Truck Stop for a hearty brekky to set us up for the trip home. 

Some unmarked grit on the Napier/Taupo, along with some frost patches kept us on our toes, but all made it to BP Bayview for fuel, then onwards to Norsewood via Highway 50 for a caffeine fix. A clean run home from there saw me arrive just before 3pm – plenty of time to unpack/unwind and prepare for the week ahead.  Thanks to Rex for organising all the bookings etc., and thanks to all my fellow riders/drivers/passengers for yet another enjoyable and memorable trip away with Wairarapa Ullybods. A bundle of laughs always boosts the midwinter spirits along a bit eh.


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