Saturday, 27 December 2014

Whanganui on Boxing Day

Went to Street Races in Whanganui on Boxing Day, it was great fun but very hot ! I wonder how many race tracks in the world cross railway lines ? I don't think parking the ambulance next to them was a coincidence.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Round The Block

We had a quick 300KM trip "around the block" on Sunday, starting off with around eight bikes. The weather was fine but slightly chilly around Palmerston North. We stopped in Otaki for a lunch break at the Riverstone cafe.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Wairarapa Branch Xmas BBQ 29th-30th November


Wairarapa Branch Xmas BBQ
29th-30th November
Ararangi Camp, Paierau Road.


BYO Drinks, chairs,
  and a salad / sweet to share,
Club to supply meat and bread & condiments etc.
Secret Santa game...Lots of laughs...bring along a $5.00 gift. One for each person, kids included
 as this game is for everyone.
Stay o/nite if you like...pitch a tent or stay in the accommodation on site...byo bedding.
Kicks off around 4ish.

You also get a free cooked brekky the next morning.

White Ribbon Ride - 22nd November 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014

Gentle Annie Ride - Labour Weekend

A great Labour weekend ride over Gentle Annie.  For those who have not ridden this route it is a must.  The weather was excellent and the accommodation and local eatery was great.  The morning started clear and crisp.

The riding was pleasant right through to our first stop at the Tikikino Hotel where we met up with around eight members of the Hawkes Bay Ulysses.  It was great to catch up with other Ulysses members, something we will aim to do more often.


On this trip we also had a little luxury travelling behind. Greg and Yvonne had tea and cake on board allowing for a pleasant afternoon tea in the valley before continuing on to Taihape.

For more photo's see here

We awoke to a cloudy Sunday.  The long way home was decided and all minus one headed up to Waiouru, then down through Fields Track, through the Parapara's and stopped for lunch in Wanganui (or Whanganui of you prefer).  From there a cruise home with a good breeze to contend with around Mount Bruce.  All in all a good weekend's ride.

First Aid night -October Branch meeting

At our last Branch meeting Murray Pike from St Johns gave us a great talk on the topic of what we should do if we come across or are involved in an accident during our travels.  Not only was the talk instructive it provoked good discussions on the way first aid response is changing and good practical advise on what we should do. Murray even took time to ensure our coordinator Nik was still with us.

We're pleased to state Nik will be with us for some time yet.  Our thanks to Murray for both his time on the night and his dedication to service in the Wairarapa.   

Stump Bay BBQ

Saturday lunchtime I was at home so I decided to give the bike a quick check ready for the trip to Turangi the next morning. All was well until I went to check the tyre pressures and found the rear was almost flat. It had several pieces of packing staple stuck in it so was past repairing. Had to make quick call to Rex who managed to get into Langlands as they were locking up the doors for day and pick up a tyre for me.

Sunday morning and its misty, a good sign, it will burn off shortly and be a beautiful day. I headed up to the Farriers car park where I met Rex and we waited for the others to turn up, there were about eight of us due to go at last count.

8:40am and no one else had arrived so we took off, me leading and Rex tail end charley. We went over the Pahiatua track for some fun and then up through Ashhurst and over Vinegar Hill. We stopped in Taihape for a coffee and refuel. It had been around 9C all the way so a bit cool but not uncomfortable. Crossing the Desert Road it was a beautiful clear day and we got a great view of the peaks. There was one orange police car chasing people up and down but other than that it was a pretty clear run.

We arrived at Stump Bay just after 12:00 and they were already getting short on food, it had been a bigger turn out than expected so it was probably a good thing we didn’t have many numbers that day.

Sat in the sun eating sausages and smoked trout when suddenly Tony appeared on the scene, he had travelled up later due to completing the Capital 1000K the day before. Tony had brought his CBX1000 along for a run and it got all the attention it deserved in the car park.

After catching up with a few familiar faces we finished off the grub and had cup of tea and were back on the road again. Tony led on the CBX1000 and Rex and I just about managed to keep up with him along with a ute that was hell bent on trying to stay with us until we hit some traffic in the twisties and left him behind.

A great days riding with perfect weather and company !

Cheers Nik

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pongaroa For Lunch

Sunday morning, looking a bit grey and damp outside but I wanted to get some KM's on the new bike to see just how comfortable it will be so decided to join the Sunday trip to Porangahau. Four people turned up at the Horseshoe, Andy, Glenn, Tony and myself. The vintage bike club were also there and little Dave was there with his BSA.

The weather was getting worse but we decided to go for it anyway and took the back road Route 52 North West of Masterton. At Alfreton school Andy and Glenn decided to head back to Eketahuna for a coffee while Tony and I soldiered on. The roads were pretty mucky and wet so we stopped at Pongaroa for an early lunch. After lunch we headed back to Masterton the same route we came and then took the back roads through Gladstone to Greytown. My new bike was fine but my new trousers leaked, unless it was just me pissing myself when the back end stepped out on a couple of those slippery corners ;-)

Cheers Nik

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Remembrance Run.    

(Short Version - Long version in the next newsletter)

Rex and I shot the gap at 8am on the Friday morning – just the two of us leaving on bikes today, so no point in shagging around Masterton we thought. May as well go and shag around Taupo instead. Twas a little chilly, but otherwise not too bad - a few layers of thermals saw to that. Got to Mt. Bruce where the rain started – good ol’ Mt Bruce. And did I mention wind? Yep that too – uncomfortably blustery. Couldn’t pass the many trucks on the road due to spray blowing everywhere, reducing forward visibility to near zero.  A quick stop in Vegas to rearrange some clothing, then onto Norsewood where the rain stopped, and we headed East to try and get away from the eternal wind on the Takapau Plains, rejoining the main road just South of Waipuk. Onwards to Bayview BP to fill the bikes and empty ourselves, then up and over the Napier/ Taupo. Did I mention wind? Yep, at one stage we had the bikes on full lean with a B-Train coming towards us, and we were slowly edging into his path unable to do SFA except keep the throttle open – Scaaaaaaaary! 

Checked into Flash Packers at 12-20pm, and wandered into town for lunch, coming across Greg and Andy in one of those automobile thingys along the way. Whilst we were chilling out in town Sudsy arrived also on four wheels – and then there were five. Saturday was pretty cruisy. Into town to Glyn’s cafĂ© (where we had  lunch yesterday) for a yummy cooked brekky. Back to Flashpackers to rendezvous with the others, then off to the AC Baths ready for the parade. Hello, hello, hello – no it’s not a cop, it’s Glen, John, Barry, Gary, Dave, Ken, Donna, Nik, and Dave (think I got them all!). 

The parade and service went without a hitch, but as usual it makes one think how lucky we are not to hear our names read out! Back to Flashpackers for bevvys and silly banter as usual, then down to Lone Star for a Posh Nosh (albeit slightly pricey). Sunday morning was a 9am meeting at the Truck Stop for a hearty brekky to set us up for the trip home. 

Some unmarked grit on the Napier/Taupo, along with some frost patches kept us on our toes, but all made it to BP Bayview for fuel, then onwards to Norsewood via Highway 50 for a caffeine fix. A clean run home from there saw me arrive just before 3pm – plenty of time to unpack/unwind and prepare for the week ahead.  Thanks to Rex for organising all the bookings etc., and thanks to all my fellow riders/drivers/passengers for yet another enjoyable and memorable trip away with Wairarapa Ullybods. A bundle of laughs always boosts the midwinter spirits along a bit eh.

I usually don't post product endorsements but this is a great leap forward by Skully helmets.

See the video here

1st September ACC Protest Ride.

As mentioned at our last branch meeting there is a protest ride to parliament to protest the unfairness of the ACC levy structure.  This is being coordinated by BRONZ. Bikes to be at Parliament at 10.

There is also an online petition to voice your opposition.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mid Year Xmas

It's getting cold, wet and miserable.  It's about this time that those who have experience of Christmas in the Northern hemisphere feel something is missing.  So it's Christmas time - time for good food and a good company.


Thank's to Nigel for organizing the location, and thanks to all who lent a hand to make for a great night.

Evolution of the Motorcycle show - Hastings 5/6 July

This can't have happened a month ago!  Well the bike show on the 5th/6th July was a cracker.  The variety of machines on show was excellent and the location easy to access.  Hats off to the Hawke’s Bay Classic Motorcycle Club.  It was estimated that 10,000 people attended the event which was raising money for the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter, local Girl Guides and a new kitchen for the club.

Those who rode up on the Saturday were hit with some wild winds.  A truck ended up in a ditch on SH2 sending traffic via SH50.  Sunday riders were treated to a much better day and beautiful weather.

Wet Sunday

We had a howling gale and torrential rain Saturday night but by morning it had settled into a fairly quiet and overcast Sunday morning. Six brave souls turned up at the car park for our planned ride to the Flat Hills Cafe. The sky was getting darker so we decided to go to Castle Point instead. Jean and Mick headed off to Martinborough while Greg headed home to finish work on his new wood burner. That left Nobby, Glenn and myself to battle the weather for a coffee and pie at Castle Point.

The trip over there was fine and a lot of the roads were dry though covered in crap from the logging trucks and the roadworks. While there enjoying our hard earned coffee it started raining really heavily and we had a pretty wet return journey. It was great to get out though as we had all been missing the open road.

Looking forward to the ride up to Taupo next weekend !

Cheers Nik

Saturday, 19 July 2014

This Sunday we have a ride on to the Waterford Pub in the Pohangina valley just North of Ashurst.
It's not a long ride to the pub but it has the potential for a good winter ride as there are numerous ways to get there and back.
The foods pretty good too!

Monday night is our Branch meeting at the Services and Citizens Club at 7:30. Visitors are more than welcome to join us.

See you there!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

From Bruce Pauling ( Safety Manager Wairarapa Road Safety Council

Hello all motorcyclists,

I am completing end of year achievement reports and funding applications to NZTA, to enable us to continue to promote and run the best m/cycle skills courses we possibly can in the Wairarapa.

If you have attended either the Martinborough skills day or Masterton off road skills day, could you please spare a couple of minutes to email me your feedback.

 1.Which course & when you attended.
 2. Did the course, information and skills taught, modify/improve your riding, and make you a 'safer' rider.(Any examples?)
3. Any improvements/ideas for further courses.

We will be finalising course dates shortly for the Masterton courses and contact all our m/cyclist contacts in the near future.

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to share your thoughts………….it's all about putting the best systems in place to 'stay upright & survive!'

All the best. Bruce.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Motorcycles are the most missed of road traffic.  See if you can see the motorcycle in the picture below...